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Flash is being phased out

Check out the alpha HTML5 loop player if you are having trouble using this one.
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JS-to-SWF Demonstration:
50% VolumeSeek to 0%Seek to 2500msSeek to 39838 Samples
80% VolumeSeek to 50%Seek to 5000msSeek to 100984 Samples
100% VolumeSeek to 90%Seek to 12500msSeek to 250983 Samples
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Unlike my previous players, you can actually use your own loops on this one. There are a few guidelines though.
First, you are best saving as WAV, then encoding from the lame command line encoder at 192kbps (lame -b 192 file.wav)
Second, take note of the number of total samples in the ORIGINAL WAV, you'll need to set samples= to this number for a SEEMLESS loop
Third, You can either pass the variables through the SWF Loader (flashvars), or embed them in the COMM (ID3v2 Comments) of the MP3. If you embed them into the MP3, use the same format as flashvars (samples=1000&start=0&loop=500)
Lastly, variables passed to the SWF using flashvars will override any variables in ID3.

Tip: If you are getting alot of undesired noise with the speed shifter, try adding 0.001. For example, 0.95 = 0.951
Web Developer Tip 1: Embed player into your site via iFrame. Get embeddable transparent player by clicking "Get Link" and appending "&embed=1"
Web Developer Tip 2: Seek the player to your pre-determined position by setting up the variables in the form, then clicking "Get Link" and appending "&doseek=1"
Web Developer Tip 3: Check out my example page to learn more about embedding and controlling the player from your own site.

Loop Player Params:
Javascript Callbacks in SWF:

New! Beta offline AIR Application! Downloads loops from our site and saves them locally, for offline enjoyment.

Uses a heavily modified version of Andre Michelle's MP3Loop Class for Flash 10
Pitch shifting thanks to McFunkypants
EQ thanks to Blixt Systems
Download Source Code (AS3 Project) (Requires FlashDevelop and Flex SDK >= 4.6.0)